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About Us.

Opened in 1993, The Final Approach is Milwaukee’s favorite casual family-owed restaurant, offering eclectic American cuisine and an atmosphere of warm hospitality. 

Our Approach

Our process at Final Approach is truly cooperative. We believe that every single member of our staff is a key part of our success. More than half the staff has been working here at the Final Approach for 10 years plus. The atmosphere keeps the customers coming back and makes the staff not want to leave.

Dining Room is open at  100% and we are practicing in the approved Covid-19 plan:

INSIDE SEATING:  We offer immediate seating, Fridays, large groups and Holidays, we do suggest calling ahead or making a reservation to reduce wait time. 


All Menu Items: Call in any food items off our menu/s. Please come inside on all days to pick-up your order. Or when calling in your order, ask for Curbside Pick-up. (we will delivered out to your car.) Please do not pick-up call in order on Fridays, through the “Friday Only – Drive Through Fish Fry”. 

Food Delivery Services: We are not affiliated with any food delivery services at this time. Please Note, any discrepancies regarding orders or charges etc., will need to be rectified through the company used.   Please contact them directly.

For Fridays: Ordering off any and all our food menu/s is available, but needs to be called in first and then picked up by coming inside or requesting the curbside pick-up while placing your order. Please do not pick up call in order through the “Friday Only – Drive Through Fish Fry”.  You can come in to place your order, and wait at the bar or in our waiting area.

DRIVE THROUGH FRIDAY FISH FRY – On All Fridays, drive right up to the “Fish Fry Drive Through”. (no need to call in.) This is for fish fry orders only and only open on Fridays. If you have a mixed order of the fish fry and any menu item including the HUGE Friday Fish Fry Menu, please call in your order and pick up inside or request curbside pick-up. Please do not use the “fish fry drive through” for any call in orders – Pick-up “Call In Orders” inside the restaurant or request “Curb Side Pick-up” for delivery out to your car.

A Few Words About Us

Opened in 1993, The Final Approach is Milwaukee’s favorite casual family-owed restaurant, offering eclectic American cuisine and an atmosphere of warm hospitality. 

Our open concept is roomy and comfortable with the bar area being able to order from the menu. There is also a sunroom open all year with an outside patio area for seasonal dinning. All with gentle lighting which contributes to an intimate and contemporary feel.

Free WiFi For Everyone

Ask for password to any staff


Is sourced from top quality ingredients. We craft all of our deserts, soups and dressings from scratch on a daily basis. We also strive to support other craftsmen in the area with fresh breads, produce and meats daily. We make every effort to choose the best of everything

Weekly Specials

Our Prime Rib Is outstanding and customers come back again and again. With over 10 selections to choose from, our Friday Fish Fry is fantastic. With choices ranging from all you can eat beer battered cod, breaded and broiled Walleye and even coconut breaded shrimp, there is something for everyone. There are over 10 items on our Friday Fish Fry menu.


Offers many varieties of dining and the full menu can also be ordered for take out. From soup and wonderful salads to delectable and filling steak dinners, The Final Approach offers great food at reasonable prices.


 From our Beer Flight Decks to our huge selection of draft beers that change regularly, and eclectic wines, our bar is the perfect gathering place for happy hour, happy friends and good times. And don’t forget to try our famous 22oz. Bloody Mary that asks the question “Is it a Drink or a Meal?!”

About Our Plane

Our Plane on top of our building offers a great landmark for our new clients. “The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. The Cessna 150 is the fifth most produced civilian plane ever, with 23,839 aircraft produced.” Wikipedia